January 2016 And Beyond

In 2016, I hope to exhibit more frequently a completed body of work entitled “Blue Renewal.”  In this photographic project, I explore the multiple losses in life:  death of a loved one, the ending of a long-term relationship, and the loss of a career and sense of self, using abstract designs to redefine these losses.  The color blue serves as the unifying element in the expression of loss and the renewal of life or hope that is attained, in time, after loss.

I have also continued to add to my portfolio of landscape photographs, and I am exploring a new body of work in the alternative photographic process of platinum/palladium printing.

In 2015, I exhibited at the Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, Arizona, for the third year in a row, as a part of Light Sensitive, the National Juried Exhibition of traditional and alternative photographic processes.  My work was also exhibited at Art Intersection Gallery in July 2015, as a part of the No Strangers Exhibition, and in December  2015-January 2016, in the Next Level Juried Exhibition.  In 2015, my work was also part of the “Force of Nature” Juried Show at the Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

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